UTM-Iconix IoT Hack-a-throne Challenge 2018

Program Overview


We sincerely regret to inform that the IoT Hackathon 2018 which is scheduled on the 17th November 2018 is postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. We will be sure to let you know as soon as it is rescheduled again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A hackathon challenge will be a part of event during IoT Carnival 2018 which is open to students from local universities and colleges in Malaysia. This challenge is part of the collaboration between UTM ATT Research Group and Iconix Consulting in promoting the learning of IoT technology and skill set, utilizing Arm IoT technology and platform. This 24-hours hackathon challenge will be based upon development of IoT solution, targeted to technical capable undergraduate students. The solution development will be based upon Arm IoT technology.

This hackathon challenge is designed with the following objective and outcome:

      • Understanding the concept and building blocks of IoT system
      • Developing innovative solution in a given constrains
      • Explaining solution proposal with consideration on feasibility and financial implication

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Challenge Game Plan

  1. This 24-hours non-stop team-based hackathon challenge will have up to 5 members per team. The team members are not restricted to only engineering and technology students but can be a mixture of students from any disciplinary.
  2. Each team will submit their video presentation of no more than 5 minutes of their proposal for the preliminary round. The video presentation shall covers the following:
      • The problem that you identified
      • The approach you propose to resolve this problem
      • A conceptual presentation of your proposal
      • The commercialization prospect of your proposal (eg market size, projected revenue)
  3. Only 10 teams will be short listed from total submission to build and present their proposal in the 24-hours non-stop hackathon session
  4. Qualified teams will be given a short briefing before the start of the hackathon to understand the Arm IoT technology platform to be used. A series of task will also be given on the start of hackathon session to allow the qualified teams to better understand the usage of the Arm IoT technology platform.
  5. At the end of 24-hours session, each team are required to present their prototype solution in a pitching session of no more than 10 minutes each, covering:
      • Proof of concept demonstration
      • Technical and feasibility of proposal
      • Business/financial proposition of proposal

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Hackathon Session Itinerary

Challenge Theme and Technology Platform

The Theme

IoT technology creates an ecosystem of connected sensors of all types, providing users with real-time and instantaneous access to various data for variety of purpose including monitoring and decision making.

This theme of this hackathon challenge is to build smart sensors which can be applied into smart building or smart home system. The smart sensors will be required to have intelligence of their own and a suitable connecting adaptor to the App and cloud system. Bonus point will be given for solution that presents an end-to-end smart sensor system from device intelligence to cloud or App dashboard.

The Technology Platform

This hackathon challenge will based upon the Arm IoT Core Platform from Iconix Arm Eduction Solution platform. This Core Platform will consist of Arm Cortex-M based device board along with MEMS and Bluetooth module. Each team will also be provided with upgrade pack selection of limited units where they will only select one option for their solution development on a first-come first-served basis.

Here is a list of components for the Core Platform and each of the upgrade pack:

Evaluation Pointers

Here are some points to be included in the judging sheet:

Preliminary Selection

      • Severity of problem statement
      • Applicability of proposed solution in countering presented problem
      • Commercialization prospect of proposal
      • Clarity of presentation

Hackathon Session

      • Proof of concept demonstration as per proposal
      • Problem statement mitigation from demonstration
      • Implementation feasibility or challenges of proposal and demonstration
      • Financial implication for proposal implementation
      • Business proposal on commercialization of proposed solution